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Public speaking coaching programme

Motivational Lecture

Overcome your public speaking

in just six weeks

Yes! You can eradicate your public speaking anxiety forever. 

 The anxiety that’s already cost you so many potential opportunities. 


Cos it’s not your fault. 

Some people’s anxiety is so bad, they shake, they puke, they phone in sick! 

Because public speaking ISN’T easy.


But don’t worry…

Great public speakers are made and not born.


And you can do it too. 


I’ll show you how.


The FEARLESS Speaker Programme is a 6 x 60 minute private course, designed to introduce confident speaking skills to clients who are determined to overcome fear and dread of public speaking or low confidence in presentations, pitches and speeches. Work presentation? Job Interview, Best Man Speech in Liverpool? We've got you covered. 

The FEARLESS Speaker Programme is designed to introduce confident speaking skills to clients who are determined to overcome public speaking anxiety or low confidence in presentations.​​​​


This is NOT suitable for confident speakers who enjoy public speaking and presentations. 

This is specifically designed for those who wish to overcome a public speaking anxiety that has unfairly held them back. The programme works by developing a strong public speaking mindset, while introducing new public speaking skills, knowledge and experience. 













The Fearless Speaker programme includes

> 6 x 60 Minute Coaching sessions, delivered over Zoom, across just 6 weeks.

> ​6 Week Online Self-Study course to support your learning.

> Digital Copy of my book "The Obstacles - How to Unf*ck Your Mindset for Public Speaking".

> Full 100% Money-Back Guarantee

While most coaching is custom to the client, this is a rough outline of what a programme would include: 


Benefit: Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety and Interferences

By exploring the public speaking mindset and identifying the factors causing your anxiety, this week will provide you with valuable tools to overcome those challenges. As a result, you will be able to measure and test what triggers your public speaking anxiety, empowering you to address it effectively. This benefit allows you to gain confidence and present with greater ease and composure, ensuring that your message is delivered effectively.

Week 2 - STORY:

Benefit: Engage the Audience and Hold Their Attention

Learning how to use stories as a powerful tool in your presentations will help you captivate the audience and draw them into your message. By incorporating compelling narratives, you can grab their attention and keep them engaged throughout your presentation. This benefit allows you to focus on delivering your message effectively while reducing anxiety, as the audience's active involvement will keep their attention away from your personal fears.

Week 3 - CREATION:

Benefit: Craft Great Presentations and Connect with Your Audience

Exploring the process of planning a great presentation in terms of goals, key messages, and structure empowers you to create impactful presentations that resonate with your audience. Understanding how to take your audience on a journey, starting with a promise and ending with actionable steps, ensures that your message is effectively conveyed. This benefit allows you to tailor your presentations to meet your audience's needs, fostering a deeper connection and facilitating the effective transmission of your message.

Week 4 - DELIVERY 1:

Benefit: Gain Confidence and Master Presentation Delivery

Discovering the keys to great presentation delivery through the 4 Ps (possibly principles or techniques) enhances your confidence as a speaker. By acquiring new skills, you will feel more at ease in the presentation space, enabling you to command the stage and engage your audience effectively. This benefit ensures that you exude confidence and professionalism while delivering your presentations, further alleviating anxiety and enhancing your overall performance.

Week 5 - DELIVERY 2:

Benefit: Uncover Authenticity and Speak from the Heart

Exploring your own delivery weaknesses and transforming them into strengths allows you to discover your authentic public speaking self. By addressing and improving areas of weakness, you will develop a more genuine and impactful speaking style. This benefit enables you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, as your authentic self shines through, leading to more memorable and impactful presentations.


Benefit: Overcome Fear of Public Speaking and Continue Personal Growth

By practicing the skills learned throughout the course and receiving detailed feedback, you will gain confidence in your abilities as a public speaker. The development plan provided will enable you to continue your growth beyond the course, ensuring that your fear of public speaking is conquered. This benefit allows you to celebrate your achievement and move forward as a more confident and accomplished presenter.

The total investment for this programme is £950. For your convenience, you can spread the cost of this experience across 3 months with KLARNA - with no additional cost to you


Our clients say the value they experience in the coaching and the results is far greater. 

SPEAK TO A COACH about joining this programme today.














Your Public Speaking Coach 

Mark Westbrook is a Professional Acting Coach turned Public Speaking Trainer and Coach. After a lifetime working in the performing arts, he has adapted his experience of performance psychology, voice and speech and presentations skills to the public speaking arena. Mark is a twice qualified teacher, and a Bronze Level Coach with Performance Consultants International. He is currently undertaking an ILM 7 in Coaching and Mentoring. He’s also an introvert, so he gets it. 

What opportunities has your fear or dread of public speaking cost you so far in life?


What opportunities for promotion, income, reputation building etc will it cost you in the future?



For my entire career, even though I’m outwardly really confident, I’ve hated presenting to large audiences. Working with Mark has transformed my approach to this - from previously trying to avoid presenting I’m now requesting to go up on stage.”

Vicky Lawless-Mitchell, Head of Customer Marketing, AG Barr

The Fearless Public Speaking Programme Manchester
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