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Come on LIVERPOOL - let's speak up together!

Welcome to Speak Fearless, the leading public speaking coaching service in Liverpool. We understand that shyness, fear of public speaking, and nervousness in social situations are common challenges that many individuals face. Our mission is to empower you to gain confidence and overcome these fears, enabling you to deliver compelling speeches, pitches and presentations with ease.















Our background is in the performing arts, where we have taught actors, dancers and singers in some of the UK's top drama schools, like the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and the Royal Northern School of Music. Working with elite performers has taught us how the very best maintain focus, and build confidence around performing under the pressure of the public spotlight. We bring the sports and performance psychology techniques we learned to our work with those seeking help with anxiety around presentations, speeches, public speaking and pitching. 

Public speaking anxiety consistently ranks among the top ten most common phobias. It is often referred to as stage fright or performance anxiety. However, contrary to popular belief, public speaking or meeting new people itself is not inherently stressful. After all, if it were, everyone would experience it. The fact that many individuals do not suffer from these fears suggests that something else is at play.


It's the way we think about public speaking or meeting new people and the thoughts we tell ourselves that make it seem stressful. What goes on in your mind when you worry about speaking in public or meeting someone new? For most people, it's not solely a fear of public speaking or meeting strangers, but rather a fear of making mistakes, being judged, forgetting what to say, stumbling over words, blushing, or not being approved of or liked. It boils down to worrying about what others think of us.
















At Speak Fearless, we recognize that fear of public speaking is rooted in shyness and self-consciousness. Our highly effective hypnotherapy and hypnosis techniques work wonders in helping you overcome these fears. Even individuals who don't typically experience shyness or self-consciousness can feel daunted by the thought of public speaking or attending an important interview. Our experienced coaches specialize in building confidence, ensuring you feel comfortable and poised in any situation.


Through personalized sessions, we guide you to shift your mindset, develop self-assurance, and leave behind the fear of judgment. Our transformative hypnotherapy techniques empower you to tap into your true potential, speak naturally, and engage with impact. Whether it's delivering a keynote speech, participating in group discussions, or networking at social events, we equip you with the skills to excel.


Choose Speak Fearless Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching in Liverpool to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a confident, fearless speaker. Our dedicated team is committed to your growth and success. Say goodbye to stage fright and hello to a world of exciting opportunities. Overcome your fears and unlock your full potential with our comprehensive public speaking coaching services.

If you're looking for a Presentation or Public Speaking Coach - why not get in touch for a no-obligation chat today. 

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