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Fear of Public Speaking

70% of People Dislike Public Speaking!

Shyness, self-consciousness and the fear of public speaking are very common experiences. As an introvert myself, I understand the uneasiness associated with the social energy required to be in a room with lots of people. Public speaking anxiety consistently ranks among the top ten most common phobias and is often referred to as stage fright or performance anxiety.

The problem is that for most careers, speaking in public unavoidable. Pitches, speeches, presentations all form part of a successful career and it's difficult to avoid it. (Except we do, don't we... sometimes at any cost!) 

The Problem with Public Speaking

The common misconception is that public speaking or meeting new people is inherently stressful. However, this cannot be universally true since not everyone experiences such distress. So, there must be other factors at play. It all boils down to the way you perceive public speaking and meeting others—what thoughts you feed yourself—that contribute to the perceived stress. Take a moment to reflect on what goes through your mind when you worry about speaking in public or meeting someone new.

For many individuals, the underlying fear is not solely about public speaking or encountering strangers. It revolves around concerns of making mistakes, being critically judged by the audience, feeling embarrassed, forgetting what to say, facing judgment or unanswerable questions, stumbling over words, blushing, or simply not being accepted or liked. Ultimately, it's the apprehension of how others perceive them that drives this fear. Fear of public speaking often finds its roots in shyness and self-consciousness. Instead of speaking naturally and confidently, as one does in relaxed and comfortable settings, individuals become excessively aware of others' thoughts and how they are being perceived.

I Can Help With Your Public Speaking and Presentation Anxiety

I know you've struggled with this. Most people have been dragging their presentation anxiety with them since school. And most don't believe they will ever get rid of it. But the truth is that most people won't take the necessary steps to fix it once and for all.

You on the other hand, came here. To this website, with a desire to change. You've put it off so far, but if you're reading this, I think you must want to change. 


Fortunately, private 1-2-1 Zoom-based public speaking and presentation skills coaching has proven highly effective in overcoming the fear of public speaking and addressing shyness in general. Even those who typically don't struggle with shyness or self-consciousness can feel daunted by the prospect of public speaking or attending an interview. Partnering with a Professional Speaking Coach can empower individuals to gain confidence, speak with ease, and navigate social interactions more comfortably. 


What is your Public Speaking Anxiety costing you in terms of life experience, career progression and income!?

100% of my clients have seen a massive change in their public speaking, including increased confidence, better communication and even improved networking skills. 

For a free no-obligations chat with someone who understands the problem and has beaten it himself, then let's organise a Zoom Call at your earliest convenience


Presentation Skills Coaching and Public Speaking Training is available via Zoom for people in Cheshire, Aigburth, Toxteth, Liverpool City Centre, Woolton, Allerton, Sefton Park, Kensington, Bootle, Birkenhead, Wallasey and all areas of Liverpool and its surrounding towns. Or if you live further afield, no doubt, we'll be able to work with you too!

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